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March 6, 2019
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March 11, 2019

Tailoring machine manufacturer

The manufacturers of paper towels in Iran each take part in this great class, for example, it can be said that only a section of the paper handkerchief or a collection of other packaging part of the paper towels is handled or The production of spare parts for napkin machines is under construction and has its own agenda.

Amol Group is a group manufacturer of tissue paper machines, which is capable of manufacturing and delivering to the domestic and foreign markets, from assembly to the assembly of all types of tissue paper machines.

Tissue paper manufacturer

Amol’s large machine tool group is a manufacturer of 100 sheets or 200 sheets of paper napkins that has been able to record and inventor more than ten paper napkins.

The company is operating as a supplier of paper towels in Iran and exporting its products in the city of Amol, which has been able to enter the world market since 1392 and is currently the world’s largest exporter of paper towels in Iran in 1396.

Let the napkin manufacturers make all their countries export their products.

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